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User Reviews for Metoprolol

Also known as: Lopressor, Metoprolol Succinate ER, Metoprolol Tartrate, Toprol-XL

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Reviews for Metoprolol to treat Premature Ventricular Depolarizations

"I find my pvc's respond better to increasing my magnesium. I take it at night it also helps me sleep better and has a easy laxative affect in the am. I just converted over from the 50 mg extentabs to 25 mg twice a day, I'm hoping that the new regimen may be a little better in controlling this soccer game I have going on in my chest. I really think that the magnesium helps the most. If I don't have better results, I may try just the magnesium without the metoprolol and see if there is a difference."


misswb September 2, 2015

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"I have PACs and PVCs mostly related to stress and anxiety. Nothing that was overly concerning. I was medicated because the feeling of the PVCs was interfering with my quality of life. Between metprolol, antidepressants and prn ativan, I gained 40lbs in 1.5 yrs. I got more depressed. I was exercising too. I stopped all meds and no change despite amping up weights and cardio/ no sugar etc. Nothing. I stopped the metoprolol, and I drop 16 lbs in 1 1/2 months. It also causes depression and weight gain as a side effect. However it is effective in treating many other conditions. I do not condone stopping medications without consulting your physician."


ray13 October 30, 2013

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"I just started the Metroprolol for premature ventricular depolarizations. I was on one 25 mg pill a day and it wasn't touching it. I recently was upgraded to two 25 mg pills a day, we will see how it goes. My symptoms include rapid heartbeat while at rest and what feels like skipped beats or double beats. Most of the time they are on the aggressive side. I'm a 32 year old male."


Anonymous December 13, 2011

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"I've been taking metropolol for alomst 2 years to control heart PVC's (premature ventricular contractions) and it's worked great! I take 25mg 3 times a day. Many people have PVC's but I used to feel mine and they would scare me, like a sudden gush of blood through my heart or an extra thump. I've had no side effects with this medicine except that the afternoon pill can make me sleepy. But since I'm at work, I usually drink 1 diet coke, or 1 cup of coffee in the afternoon to offset it. Otherwise I only drink decaffeinated beverages the other parts of the day. Just that one boost of caffeine in the afternoon will offset the sleepiness of the metoprolol. I'm a 46 year old female that smokes."


JackieFL June 3, 2010

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