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TOPCOAT Hoof Conditioner

This page contains information on TOPCOAT Hoof Conditioner for veterinary use.
The information provided typically includes the following:
  • TOPCOAT Hoof Conditioner Indications
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TOPCOAT Hoof Conditioner

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: SBS Equine


Total Hoof Care!


Finish hardens for longer protection!

Total Hoof Care: TOPCOAT - Shines, Moisturizes. Fights thrush. Improves flexibility. Enhances frog function. Smooths horn ridges. Repels contaminates (urine soaked manure, excess moisture). Provides an antiseptic barrier against infection. Strengthens horn. Helps prevent toe cracks & brittleness.

How It Works; TOPCOAT’s dual-action formula provides an antiseptic barrier and helps the hoof maintain a heathy moisture balance. Collagen protein emulsions replace the natural protective hoof protein lost by rasping and normal abrasion. TOPCOAT hardens and lasts. Thin sealants, hoof oils, and products that contain lanolin (animal fat) or vegetable oil (vegetable fat) wear away quickly and need to be applied more often or daily.

Directions For Use

SHAKE WELL before each use. Apply to clean dry hoof wall, sole, & frog. Dries (cures) in minutes. Use often as necessary in extreme conditions (wet or dry), or twice a week for maintenance. Frequent use builds up protection, Won’t harm healthy hoof tissue. Place dauber under running water to clean fast.

TOPCOAT Hoof Conditioner Caution

Avoid contact with eyes. Flush with water if contact occurs. Wash hands after applying.

Active Ingredients

collagen protein, methydyne b, crystal violet, and isopropanol.

Class 2 Hoof Conditioner: apply 2 times weekly

13.5 fl. oz. (400 mL) Dauber Applicator

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