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Feliway Diffuser

This page contains information on Feliway Diffuser for veterinary use.
The information provided typically includes the following:
  • Feliway Diffuser Indications
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Feliway Diffuser

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Ceva Animal Health

The secret to happy cats

Helps control objectionable cat behaviors

Scientifically proven*

*The efficacy of Feliway® has been demonstrated by numerous clinical studies published in reputable scientific journals or presented at international conferences.

When a cat feels safe and comfortable in its environment, it rubs its head against the furniture, the corners of walls or the bottom of the curtains, leaving a substance called the facial pheromone (see figure 1). This pheromone is specific to cats and conveys a message of security, reassurance and well-being.

Figure 1: Facial marking

Feliway® is a synthetic copy of this pheromone and is proven to reassure and comfort cats, helping them cope with changes in their environment or other stressful situations.

The efficacy of Feliway® has been demonstrated by numerous clinical studies, published in reputable scientific journals or presented at international conference.

Feline Stress

It is now well known that feline stress can cause a range of health problems and affect a cat’s behavior.

Common stress-related behavior problems include:

- urine spraying (see figure 2)

- vertical scratching

- appearing withdrawn

- over grooming or decreased grooming

- tension between cats

- excessive vocalizations

- stereotypic behaviors

Common stress-related medical problems include:

- feline interstitial cystitis

- feline psychogenic alopecia

- anorexia

- obesity

Figure 2: Urine spraying

The posture adopted for urine spraying is shown in figure 2. Spraying involves a well recognized behavioral sequence where the cat:

- selects a vertical surface

- paws at the ground

- turns its back to the surface

- lifts its tail to a vertical position whilst remaining standing

- sprays the surface with a horizontal jet of urine

The cat will perform this behavioral sequence of urine spraying:

- during a period of sexual activity

- following an event that changes its environment (see details below) and is perceived by the cat as stressful.

Urine marks produced in this way are characterized by a strong smell even though the quantity of urine deposited each time is usually small. They are found at about 20 cm above the floor.

Feline tension or stress may be caused by one stressful event or result from an ongoing problem within the home.

Signs of stress are often subtle and can easily be overlooked in cats, especially chronic stress.


Feliway® Diffuser contains an analogue of the F3 fraction of feline facial pheromone and offers a natural and convenient way to help prevent or control stress-related behaviours in your cat such as:

- indoor urine spraying and vertical scratching

- tension between cats, thus preserving or restoring harmony within your household

Feliway® Diffuser also comforts cats in difficult situations or new surroundings:

- adoption

- new environment: moving home, holidays, boarding, building work or redecorating

- new arrival (a baby, a new pet)

- noisy environment (fireworks, party at home, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc.)

Feliway® can also be used under direction from a veterinarian or a feline qualified behaviorist to help cats showing stress-related behavioral or medical problems.

Feliway® Diffuser may be combined with Feliway® Spray as required and according to the situation (see table below). Consult your veterinary surgeon for more information.

Feliway® Diffuser is not indicated for use in cases of overt aggression between cats or towards owners, or on any non stress-related sign.

Instructions for use

Do not cover or place under furniture. This may

- impair or block diffusion of the product

- leave residual marks (due to accumulation of the excipient).

Each vial lasts approximately 4 weeks. However air turnover, location etc will affect how fast diffusion occurs and this should only be considered a guide. It is recommended the diffuser is checked a few days before the refill is due to be changed.

A peel off sticker can be found on each Feliway® Refill vial. This sticker can be applied to a calendar or diary to remind you when to check your Feliway® Diffuser.

Duration of use must be adjusted depending on the nature/cause of the stress (see table below) and according to the duration of combined behavioural or environmental modifications.

Change the electrical device every 6 months or after using six refills.

To prevent or control indoor urine spraying or vertical scratching

Do not clean marked areas with products that contain ammonia or bleach as cats are extremely sensitive to strong smells. Water, surgical alcohol or an odorless solution should be used to treat soiled areas.

- Plug the Feliway® Diffuser into the room where marking has taken place or the room most frequented by the cat.

- Leave the Feliway® Diffuser switched on continuously for at least 1 month.

- For best results, Feliway® Spray can be used in conjunction with Feliway® Diffuser.

- You may stop using Feliway® once the cat is observed rubbing the site with its head (marking with its own facial pheromone). Where this is not observed, continue for at least 1 month. Replace refill as required.

- Immediate results may be seen, however in some cases the frequency of spraying is seen to reduce over time.

- If a cat has a history of urine spraying, the Feliway® Diffuser should be plugged in at least 48 hours (ideally 1 week) before any stressful event i.e. new pet, building work, parties, moving house etc.

To prevent or control tension between cats to preserve or restore harmony within your household

- The Feliway® Diffuser should be plugged into the room most frequented by the cats to reduce the general stress level.

- Leave the diffuser plugged in continuously for at least 1 month or until problems subside. Replace refill as required. Some multicat households may benefit from permanent use of Feliway® Diffuser.

- Feliway® Spray can be used in conjunction with Feliway® Diffuser to give added reassurance in high traffic areas.

To comfort cats in stressful situations or disruption in the cat’s territory (see details above)

- The Feliway® Diffuser should be plugged into the room most frequented by the cat, at least 48 hours (ideally 1 week) before the anticipated change. The longer your cat is exposed to the pheromone prior to the stressful event, the better prepared he will be to cope with the challenge.

- Leave the diffuser plugged in continuously for at least 1 month or until problems subside.

- Replace refill as required.

- Feliway® Spray can be used on your cat’s bedding, new furniture, prominent objects etc. in conjunction with Feliway® Diffuser to give added reassurance

Behavioral and environmental modifications may be required and advice should be sought from your veterinary practice or behaviorist, particularly in multicat households.

Product information


F3 fraction of feline facial pheromone analogue


Excipients q.s.


Covers 50-70 m2.

Each 48ml vial lasts up to 30 days.

Feliway® is designed specifically for cats, is non-sedative and has no effect on people or any other animals.

Feliway® can be used alongside traditional medications.

Feliway® is not a veterinary medicine. If there are signs of disease consult your veterinary surgeon.

Only use the Feliway® Refill with the Feliway® Diffuser. The properties of the product cannot be guaranteed if a different device is used.

Store in a dust-free environment when not in use.

Feliway® Diffuser must be plugged in and switched on continuously.

The Feliway® Diffuser unit should be replaced after six months use or after using six refills.

The Feliway® Diffuser is made of non-flammable plastic in the E.U.

This product is UL tested and is listed for use in the US.


Feliway® Spray

Feliway® Diffuser

Recommended duration of use


Urine Marking



At least 1 month. Replace refill as required.

For best results, use Feliway® Diffuser in combination with Feliway® Spray.

Vertical Scratching



At least 1 month.

Feliway® Spray should be applied directly to the entire scratched surface. Feliway® Diffuser can also help reduce stress.

Multi-cat Household



Feliway® Diffuser should be plugged in and refills replaced as required until problems subside. Multicat households may benefit from permanent use of Feliway® Diffuser.

Feliway® Diffuser should be used to reduce the general level of stress in all cats. Plug continuously in the room where the cats spend most of their time. Feliway® Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser in high traffic areas.

Changes to the cat’s environment




Feliway® Diffuser should be plugged in at least 1 month and refills replaced as required until problems subside.

Feliway® Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. Plug continuously in the room where the cat spends most of its time. Feliway® Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser to enhance effectiveness.

Rearrangement of furniture



New arrivals (baby, pet...)



Stressful events




Begin use ideally 1 week before anticipated event, during the event and a few days after the event.

Feliway® Diffuser is the most convenient formulation.

Holidays, parties



Familiarisation with a new environment

New house



At least 1 month.

Feliway® Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. Feliway® Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser or in a situation where the Diffuser is not practical (boarding, kennels, carriers).










On long journeys, it’s recommended to re-spray after 4 to 5 hours (with the cat removed from the carrier).

About 15 minutes prior to leaving, spray all four corners and floor of the carrier with Feliway®. Please wait for at least 15 minutes for alcohol evaporation.

Preferred = The Feliway® product most suited for the situation

Supplement = additional Feliway® product which can be combined for added support


Before use in North America, check that main voltage is 5.6W 110-120 vac.

Do not cover or place under furniture. This may impair diffusion of the product or leave marks.

Do not insert or remove the device with wet hands. When plugged in do not touch the device with metal objects or wet hands.

The internal parts of this device will get very hot to encourage evaporation of the active ingredient. Do not touch these surfaces during use.

Do not open the device or attempt to modify the internal parts in any way. If it should appear to be malfunctioning, please contact us.

If the solution comes in contact with skin wash thoroughly with soap and water.

In case of contact with eyes wash them immediately with water and seek medical advice.

If the solution or any part of the device is swallowed seek medical attention immediately, taking all packaging with you for reference.

When not in use keep out of reach of children

Dispose of empty packaging and used electrical device according to your local waste authority guidelines.

Waste electrical devices must not be disposed of with household waste.

This product is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). The aim of the directive is to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment being produced and to encourage everyone to reuse and recycle. It is recommended to use the same electrical device of Feliway® Diffuser for six refills before renewing.

Ceva Animal Health cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper use or modifications of the device.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions section and keep the pack insert for future reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What pheromone is in Feliway® and is this safe to humans?

The pheromone released from Feliway® is identical in nature to the feline facial pheromone that cats use to mark objects in their environment. As pheromones are species-specific, feline pheromones will have no effect on humans or other pets.

Is the Feliway® Diffuser device safe?

The Feliway® Diffuser device is made in the EC to comply with British Standard BS60335. The device is widely used across Europe for plugin air fresheners, mosquito coils, etc

This product is UL tested and listed for use in the US.

Should you use the diffuser if you suffer from asthma?

In addition to the pheromone content, Feliway® contains a paraffin-type mineral oil of a kind common to other air freshener devices. If you consider yourself to be particularly sensitive, or have had problems when using similar devices in the past, then we advise you to use the device only after consulting your GP or use Feliway® Spray as an alternative.

Why should I not plug the diffuser in under furniture?

Oil vapour (carrying the pheromone) will rise in a column of warm air above the device. If this rising air is blocked (e.g. under a shelf, table, cabinet, etc) the oil may re-condense and leave a visible mark. Circulation of pheromone will be impaired and the efficacy of the product may be affected.

Can air fresheners/home fragrance be used at the same time as Feliway®?

Air fresheners and strong odours can bother pets (or even stress them), since pets are very sensitive to smells. Thus, it’s recommended to remove any strong home fragrance before plugging a Feliway® Diffuser in house, it may restrict the pheromone detection by your pet.

Should I switch off / unplug the diffuser at night?

No - the diffuser should be left on continuously throughout day and night. Efficacy was demonstrated in clinical trials with non interrupted use of the diffuser which allows the cat to perceive consistently the pheromone’s signal.

Why isn’t the level of liquid in the diffuser going down?

The diffusion of the liquid from the Feliway® Diffuser is a very slow process. As such, it can be very difficult to see any change to the level in the device over the first week of use. Slight variations will occur depending on air turnover. Check that the wick is not broken (should extend from the bottom of the liquid to a level flush with the top of the heated ceramic plate). Check the device is turned on all the time (sometimes an electrical outlet is controlled by a light switch). Finally, try the device in a different electrical socket.

Do I need to change the diffuser refill even though the liquid has not completely run out?

Some devices will run for a little longer than 4 weeks due to differences in location, air turnover, etc so you may get slightly more than 4 weeks. But remember that the device will never empty completely as the last few millilitres of liquid are not sufficiently in contact with the wick. It is therefore recommended to replace the refill after 4 weeks.

The diffuser smells of burning - is it safe?

New diffusers may smell slightly for the first 24 hours, just as an electrical heater might when dust has collected on it. Diffusers in a very dusty environment may smell more persistently. Be sure that a dog or cat has not urinated onto the device and that there is no debris on the heating element. If the device is used continuously for long periods of time, we recommend that it is changed every 6 months or every 6 refills.

How long should I use Feliway®?

It depends on the nature and the extent of the reason you are using Feliway®. The table above will give you an indication.

How long before the diffuser spreads Feliway® throughout the area?

We recommend allowing several hours (ideally 24) for the diffuser to be fully functional. This allows the wick to become fully impregnated and for Feliway® to be released. However, for those stressful events that can be anticipated, it’s recommended to plug in the diffuser several days before the event.

How long should it take to see an effect on my cat with Feliway® Diffuser?

The Feliway® Diffuser will be fully functioning within 24 hours of plugging in. The effect on the cat will depend on the nature, extent and duration of the problem for which Feliway® is used. Some cats and/or some indications will show signs of improvement in less than a week, whereas some will require one month to exhibit visible improvement. In any case, we recommend continuous use of Feliway® for at least one month before assessing its effectiveness. Effectiveness will also depend on good implementation of additional advices provided by your veterinarian or behaviourist.

What type of behaviour problems will not be helped by Feliway®?

If the undesired behaviour is unrelated to stress (house soiling, normal scratching/claws sharpening, internal/medical disease), Feliway® will have no effect.

Note also that Feliway® is not indicated in case of overt aggression between cats or towards owners.

Can I plug a Feliway® Diffuser in a room where there are caged birds?

If a caged bird can handle wax-based non-scented candles, there shouldn’t be a problem (the diffuser is a wax-based paraffin oil, similar to a candle, and it is odorless). However, some birds are known to have sensitive respiratory systems therefore we recommend using the diffuser in a different room.

I have a diffuser plugged in my house. But now, I’m pregnant. Is this dangerous? Should I stop using it?

You may continue using your diffuser. According to the toxicological data on the components of our products, no particular risk is expected following inhalation of the pheromone products when used as recommended. Particularly with pregnant women, the available toxicological data on laboratory animal species show that no teratogenic nor foetotoxic effect can be associated with the use of Feliway® Diffuser. However, as a precaution it is not recommended to plug Feliway® Diffuser into a poorly ventilated room where people spend most of their time, and in particular not in bedrooms.

Can I use a Feliway® Diffuser simultaneously with an air-conditioner?

A Feliway® Diffuser can be used in a house where there is an air-conditioner, provided that it is plugged away from the air-conditioner, vents, cold air returns, or exhaust fan.

Can I use Feliway® and ADAPTIL® in the same household?

Yes, the pheromones in each product are what we call species-specific; Feliway® will affect only cats and the dog appeasing pheromone will affect only dogs.

After using pheromones for a long time, will my pet develop a resistance to the product and will it eventually stop working?

Usually, for indications that require long periods of treatment, the environmental modification recommendations to be implemented by the owner are of major importance. Over time, modifications made by the pet owner can sometimes be disregarded, leading to a lack of compliance. While this may cause a “relapse” by the pet, there is no habituation to the perception of pheromone in natural conditions.

What is the most suitable way to clean up urine following urine marking?

The use of surgical spirit mixed with warm water is recommended. Approximately one capful in a small basin of warm water (it will turn a cloudy white color and this is normal). Wash the area with the solution and allow to dry naturally. Feliway® Spray can then be sprayed onto the area to reduce the likelihood of urine marking re-occurring.

The cat sprays or urinates on electrical items frequently, where should the Diffuser be plugged in?

Locate the device out of reach of the cat, in the room most frequented by the cat or in the room where marking has taken place. If this is not possible, you may plug the Feliway® Diffuser in a location out of reach of the cat for the first 24 hours, which corresponds to the time required to reach the right temperature. Until then, the diffuser is only a heating device that the cat may want to mark on. Not allowing the cat to come into contact with the diffuser until the first 24 hours have passed should prevent this problem.

Can the liquid from the Feliway® Spray be used in the Feliway® Diffuser?

No - the Feliway® Spray is alcohol based and should never be used in the Feliway® Diffuser.

Do I need to use Feliway® Spray, Feliway® Diffuser or both?

In some situations, for best results Feliway® Spray may be used in combination with Feliway® Diffuser. In the table above, you will find guidelines outlining the most appropriate formulation according to your situation. If you are concerned please speak to your veterinary practice.

Should I place the diffuser in a hallway?

Because the hallway is typically a high-traffic environment and not where cats spend most of their time, placing the diffuser in a hallway will not ensure optimal diffusion or effectiveness. We do not recommend using the diffuser in a hallway unless this is the most appropriate location per the indications for a specific situation.

Should the diffuser be placed near the litter box (especially for a urine-spraying issue)?

For any indication, the diffuser should be placed in the cat’s environment where he spends the majority of his time. Since cats rarely spend most of their time in the litter box, this typically isn’t a good place to use the diffuser. In addition, cats don’t rub around the litter box, so they may be surprised to find Feliway® there.

Feliway® is a trademark of Ceva Santé Animale.

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