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Arko Ery Vac FD

This page contains information on Arko Ery Vac FD for veterinary use.
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Arko Ery Vac FD

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Arko

Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae Vaccine, Avirulent Live Culture

U.S. Vet. Lic. No.: 337

Active Ingredient(s): ARKO ERY VAC FD is a live bacterial vaccine offering protection to turkeys against naturally occurring field strains of erysipelas.

Potency: ARKO ERY VAC FD is freeze dried to protect potency.

Arko Ery Vac FD Indications

ARKO ERY VAC FD is recommended for oral immunization in healthy turkeys to reduce losses due to erysipelas.

Dosage and Administration

This is a two (2) dose vaccine. The first dose should be given at eight (8) weeks of age. The second dose should be given at 10-11 weeks of age. Subsequent revaccination may be given every three (3) weeks thereafter as needed. Turkeys must be healthy and free from any outside stresses at the time of vaccination. ARKO ERY VAC FD will provide a successful vaccination, but the immune response in the birds also depends on administration techniques, previous exposure to immunosuppressing agents and the environment. Prevaccination exposure to field coryza, Newcastle, hemorrhagic enteritis and other diseases can influence the birds ability to respond to vaccination.

The first dose of vaccine should be administered in the drinking water at eight (8) weeks of age. A repeat vaccination should be given 2-3 weeks following the initial vaccination.

1. Medications and disinfecting products in the drinking water are not compatible with ARKO ERY VAC FD. Discontinue their use for at least three (3) days before vaccinating and do not resume their use for three (3) days after vaccination.

2. Do not use chlorinated water for vaccination. Scrub and clean all waterers before vaccination with nonchlorinated water.

3. Flush the water lines with one (1) pound of powdered milk per 100 gallons of water prior to vaccinating to protect the vaccine and prevent possible inactivation from chlorine.

4. Rehydrate the vaccine just prior to use. Remove the aluminum seal and the stopper. Rehydrate the vaccine with milk or distilled water to a level of 20 mL. Milk diluent can be made by adding powdered milk to cool, clean, nonchlorinated water at a rate of one (1) teaspoon per gallon. After reconstitution, reseat the stopper and shake to thoroughly dissolve the vaccine. Do not mix the vaccine into the drinking water until just before vaccination.

5. The vaccine is to be used at a rate of one (1) vial of vaccine for every 1,000 birds. Generally water may be withheld for up to two (2) hours prior to vaccinating to assure that all the turkeys will drink. The vaccine should be administered in an amount of drinking water (milk added) that would be consumed by thirsty turkeys in approximately two (2) hours. Provide ample watering space so that all turkeys can drink easily.

6. The daily water consumption for each flock needs to be determined just prior to vaccination. Water consumption is affected by weather, management conditions and the age of the birds. When specific water consumption information is not available, please refer to the reference table below which will serve as a general guideline to determine the amount of water to be used with the vaccine if more specific information is not available.

Water consumption per 1,000 doses:

Age in weeks

Gallons of water consumed by 1,000 turkeys per day (average temperatures)











Vaccinate only healthy birds. Do not vaccinate in the face of a challenge due to erysipelas or any other disease. Vaccination during a challenge can cause complications and reduce immunity. Do not use this vaccine within two (2) weeks on either side of a vaccination with live Newcastle virus vaccine. Discontinue all medications and antibiotics three (3) days prior to vaccination. Resume medications three (3) days post-vaccination if needed.

Precaution(s): Store this vaccine at not over 45°F (7°C). Protect from sunlight.

It is advisable to record the vaccine serial number, the expiration date, the date of vaccination and any reactions observed. This product should be stored, transported, and administered in accordance with the instructions and directions.

Caution(s): Use only proper hygiene when handling the vaccine. Use the entire contents when first opened. Burn all the containers and unused portions of the vaccine. Clean any spills with disinfectants. Keep the vaccine away from open wounds. Wear gloves if necessary. Consult a physician if contamination occurs. Wash hands thoroughly after using the vaccine.

Warning(s): Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter.

Discussion: Erysipelas is a contagious, widely distributed disease occurring as a septicemia with a sudden onset. Acute erysipelas is particularly common in turkeys resulting in high morbidity and mortality.

Product Safety: This vaccine will produce effective immunity. It has passed potency, safety and purity tests meeting all the requirements set forth by Arko Laboratories Ltd. and the USDA. The response to the product, the stimulation of antibodies within the turkey and the resultant level of immunity may be affected by other factors: Management conditions, concurrent infections and stress levels at vaccination.

Trial Data: Challenge: ARKO ERY VAC FD protected isolated turkeys in controlled laboratory experimentation against challenge with virulent erysipelas.

Presentation: 1,000 dose vials.

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