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Factor IX (Recombinant [Glycopegylated])


(FAK ter nyne ree KOM be nant glye koe PEG i late ed)

Index Terms

  • N9-GP
  • Nonacog Beta Pegol
  • Rebinyn

Pharmacologic Category

  • Antihemophilic Agent

Use: Labeled Indications

Factor IX deficiency: On-demand treatment and control of bleeding episodes and for perioperative management of bleeding in adults and children with factor IX deficiency (hemophilia B)

Limitations of use: Not indicated for routine prophylaxis in the treatment of patients with hemophilia B; not indicated for immune tolerance induction in patients with hemophilia B


Hypersensitivity to factor IX (recombinant [glycopegylated]), hamster protein, or any component of the formulation.