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User Reviews for Coagulation factor ix

Also known as: BeneFix, Alprolix, Idelvion, Rixubis, Ixinity, Mononine, Rebinyn, Alphanine SD, BeneFIX 250 Int'l Units

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Hemophilia B
1 review 15 medications
Factor IX Deficiency
1 review 10 medications
Summary of Coagulation factor ix reviews 8.8 2 reviews

Reviews for Coagulation factor ix

MF3489 March 28, 2016

Alphanine SD (coagulation factor ix) for Hemophilia B: "I have been on Alpha-nine SD for 31 years . It's been good for preventing bleeds and excellent for stopping initial or on going bleeds."

Bleeder January 28, 2010

BeneFix (coagulation factor ix) for Factor IX Deficiency: "The product reconstitutes more easily than human-derived plasma. The effective dose for me is higher than than of the human factor. The dosages per vial are convenient. Because it carries no risk of human blood-borne disease, I would recommend it's use over human-derived factor. Because Wyeth has a captive consumer, I believe the product is extremely over-priced. "


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