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How and where do you inject Rebif?

Medically reviewed by Carmen Pope, BPharm. Last updated on May 15, 2023.

Official answer

  • Your doctor or nurse should teach you how to use the Rebif Rebidose autoinjector before you attempt to self-administer it.
  • Self-administration is straightforward and most people who need it can be taught how to administer it themselves.
  • The Rebif Rebidose autoinjector is injected subcutaneously (which means under the skin) into an area of your stomach, thigh, buttocks, or the back of your arm.

Rebif is an interferon-beta (interferon beta-1a) that is indicated for the treatment of relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis in adults who are aged over 18. This includes clinically isolated syndrome, relapsing-remitting disease, and active secondary progressive disease. It is not known if Rebif is safe and effective in children.

Rebif is administered by subcutaneous injection under the skin three times a week. It should be administered on the same three days and at the same time, if possible. For example, late afternoon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Doses should be at least 48 hours apart.

How do you use the Rebif Rebidose autoinjector?

Your doctor, nurse, or other health care professional should teach you how to use the autoinjector before you attempt to self-administer it yourself.

Do not remove the cap of the Rebif Rebidose autoinjector until you are ready to inject it because the autoinjector could roll off the table and become unsterile. Do not use your Rebif Rebidose if it has been dropped more than three feet or looks damaged for any reason.

Rebif Rebidose autoinjectors should be stored in a refrigerator between 36°F and 46°F (2°C to 8°C). If no refrigerator is available, they may be kept out of a refrigerator at room temperature (less than 77°F [25°C]) for up to 30 days; however, they should not be put back in a refrigerator after this time. Discard it instead.

Make sure the dose of the Rebif Rebidose autoinjector is the correct one prescribed for you. The autoinjector comes in three strengths:

  • 8.8 mcg (lime green)
  • 22 mcg (yellow)
  • 44 mcg (teal green).

Usually Rebif is started at a smaller dose and then titrated upwards. Always inject the dose that your doctor has prescribed for you.

  1. Take your Rebif Rebidose autoinjector out of the refrigerator and let it warm up naturally to room temperature for 30 minutes. Do not put it in the microwave or use hot water to heat it.
  2. Wash your hands with soap and water. Check the contents of your Rebif Rebidose autoinjector through the transparent housing. The liquid should be clear or slightly yellow. Do not use it if it is cloudy or has particles floating in it. Air bubbles are normal and will not affect your dose.
  3. Also check the expiry date located on the side of the autoinjector and its carton. Do not use it if it has expired.
  4. Choose an injection site and wipe it with an alcohol wipe. Let it dry. Pull the Rebif Rebidose cap straight off.
  5. Place the Rebif Rebidose on your chosen injection site at a 90° angle (straight up and down). Firmly press until you feel resistance as this unlocks the injector button. As you hold the Rebdiose firmly against your skin, use your thumb to press the injector button. You will hear a click which means the injection has begun.
  6. Keep the autoinjector firmly pressed against your skin for at least 10 seconds while the medication is dispensed. Before removing the Rebdose, check that the syringe plunger inside the casing has moved to the bottom and the entire dose has been injected.
  7. Lift the autoinjector up from the injector site. The safety guard will slide down to protect you from the needle. Do not try to put the needle cap back on the autoinjector. Instead, dispose of it and the autoinjector in an approved sharps bin.
  8. If there is blood at the injection site, hold gauze over the site to stop the bleeding and wipe away the blood. Use a small plaster if necessary.

Each Rebif Rebidose is administered just one time only. Discard the empty pen in a sharps bin after use and never share your autoinjector with others.

Where do you administer the Rebif Rebidose autoinjector?

The Rebif Rebidose autoinjector is administered just under the skin (subcutaneously).

The usual sites for self-administration are your stomach area (but at least 2 inches [5cm] away from your belly button), the back of your upper arm, the buttocks, or your upper thigh.

You should rotate sites for each injection (do not use the same site twice in a row) and you should not inject the Rebif Rebidose autoinjector where the skin is bruised, discolored, red, infected, or if there is a rash on the skin.

How does Rebif work?

Interferons are a group of proteins that are produced naturally by the body in response to viral infections.

Experts aren’t sure exactly how Rebif works for multiple sclerosis but believe it helps control immune system activities, preventing the immune system from attacking the myelin sheath.

Rebif helps to inhibit inflammation that can cause MS flare-ups. Rebif may also help slow the progression of physical disability associated with MS and reduce the number of relapses.


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