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How much does Finacea cost without insurance?

Medically reviewed by Carmen Pope, BPharm. Last updated on April 7, 2023.

Official answer

  • Finacea gel costs approximately $369-$387 US for a 50 gram tube within the United States without insurance
  • Generic Finacea, which is called azelaic acid topical gel, made by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals retails for approximately $122 US for 50 grams
  • In Canada, Finacea retails for around $72 US for a 50 gram tube
  • Finacea is only available on prescription in the U.S. and Canada
  • Finacea can be brought over the counter in some countries and retails for as little as $30 US for 30 grams.

Finacea is a prescription topical gel that contains 15% azelaic acid. It is FDA approved to treat redness (inflammation) and papules (raised areas of skin of around 1cm) and pustules (small bumps on the skin that contain fluid or pus) caused by mild to moderate rosacea.

Finacea is applied twice daily and it is important to be consistent with the application of the gel, to ensure you get the best results from treatment. It is used sparingly, and only half a gram (0.5g) should be used each time you apply Finacea. This means one 50 gram tube should last almost two months.

Within the U.S. Finacea is expensive without insurance.

  • One tube of Finacea 50 grams topical gel cost approximately $369 US but may be as high as $387 US.
  • Discount cards may reduce the price in some pharmacies.

Overseas, Finacea gel can retail for as little as $30 US dollars for 30 grams.

  • In Canada, Finacea gel costs approximately $72 US dollars.

Generic forms of Finacea topical gel are available, under the name of azelaic acid topical gel.

  • Glenmark Pharmaceuticals azelaic acid topical gel costs approximately $122 US for 50 grams.
  • Some pharmacies may market other preparations as alternatives for Finacea. However, these may not be true generics, and they may contain additional ingredients, contain a different percentage of azelaic acid to Finacea, or are formulated as a cream rather than a gel so are not completely equivalent. Depending on the manufacturer, these may cost around $39 US for 15 grams.

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