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Cyclobenzaprine (International)

In the US, Cyclobenzaprine (cyclobenzaprine systemic) is a member of the drug class skeletal muscle relaxants and is used to treat Chronic Myofascial Pain, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, Muscle Spasm, Sciatica and Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.

US matches:



ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification)


CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service)


Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight


Therapeutic Categories

Antidepressant, tricyclic

Muscle relaxant

Chemical Name

1-Propanamine, 3-(5H-dibenzo[a,d]cyclohepten-5-ylidene)-N,N-dimetyl-

Foreign Names

  • Cyclobenzaprinum (Latin)
  • Cyclobenzaprin (German)
  • Cyclobenzaprine (French)
  • Ciclobenzaprina (Spanish)

Generic Names

  • Ciclobenzaprina (OS: DCIT)
  • CBZ (IS)
  • MK 130 (Merck) (IS)
  • RP 9715 (IS)
  • Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride (OS: USAN)
  • Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride (PH: USP 41)

Brand Names

  • Berafen Relax [+ Diclofenac, + Paracetamol]
    Novophar, Paraguay
  • Cizax
    Mantecorp FSA, Brazil
  • Comforta
    MAQ Pharma, Pakistan
  • Cyclosed
    Sedico, Egypt
  • Dolo Tensodox [+ Meloxicam]
    Pharmalab, Peru
  • Dorixina Relax [+ Clonixin]
    Roemmers, Paraguay
  • Medarex
    Productos Farmaceuticos Medipharm, Chile
  • Miodia
    bene, Portugal
  • Miorex
    Melcon, Brazil
  • Mitrul
    Raffo, Argentina; Tecnofarma, Peru; Zodiac, Brazil
  • Multi relax
    Apex, Egypt
  • Muscusan
    Nova Química Farmacêutica, Brazil
  • Sangiflex
    Farmacéutica Esan, Chile
  • Tensodox
    Farmindustria, Peru
  • Tensyol
    Iqfarma, Peru
  • Amrix
    Teva, United States
  • Amrixal 15
    Aptalis Pharmatech Inc., Israel
  • Amrixal 30
    Aptalis Pharmatech Inc., Israel
  • Apo-Cyclobenzaprine
    Apotex, Canada
  • Auro-Cyclobenzaprine
    Auro Pharma, Canada
  • Bencoprim
    Advaita, Mexico
  • Benziflex
    EMS, Brazil
  • Benziflex Lis [+ Clonixin]
    EMS, Brazil
  • Ciclamil
    Laboratorios Andromaco, Chile
  • Ciclobenzaprina Interpharma
    Interpharma, Chile
  • Ciclobenzaprina L.Ch.
    Laboratorio Chile, Chile
  • Ciclobenzaprina Mintlab
    Mintlab Co., Chile
  • Ciclobenzaprina Opko
    Opko Chile, Chile
  • Clonix. Lisina + Cl. Ciclobenzaprina EMS [+ Clonixin]
    EMS, Brazil
  • Clor. Ciclobenzaprina Biosintetica
    Biosintética, Brazil
  • Clor. Ciclobenzaprina EMS
    EMS, Brazil
  • Clor. Ciclobenzaprina Eurofarma
    Eurofarma, Brazil
  • Clor. Ciclobenzaprina Gen.Germed
    Genéric.Germed, Brazil
  • Clor. Ciclobenzaprina Gen.Legrand
    Genéric.Legrand, Brazil
  • Clor. Ciclobenzaprina Neo Quimica
    Neo Química, Brazil
  • Clor. Ciclobenzaprina Nova Quimica
    Nova Química Farmacêutica, Brazil
  • Clor. de Ciclobenzaprina Ache
    Aché, Brazil
  • Clor. de Ciclobenzaprina Althaia
    Althaia, Brazil
  • Cloridrato de Ciclobenzaprina Cimed
    Cimed Industria de Medicamentos, Brazil
  • Cloridrato de Ciclobenzaprina GeoLab
    GeoLab, Brazil
  • Cloridrato de Ciclobenzaprina One Farma
    One Farma, Brazil
  • Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride
    Actavis, United States; Aurobindo Pharma USA, United States; Frontida BioPharm, United States; InvaGen, United States; Jubilant Cadista, United States; KVK-TECH, United States; Mylan, United States; Orit, United States; Oxford Pharm, United States; Pliva, United States; Prinston, United States; Sun Pharma, United States; Watson Pharmaceutical, United States
  • Cyclobenzaprine Pro Doc
    Pro Doc, Canada
  • Cyclobenzaprine Sanis Health
    Sanis Health, Canada
  • Cyclobenzaprine Sivem
    Sivem Pharmaceuticals, Canada
  • Cyrin
    Hallmark, Bangladesh
  • Dolamin Flex [+ Clonixin]
    Farmoquimica FQM, Brazil
  • DOM-Cyclobenzaprine
    Dominion Pharmacal, Canada
  • Dorixina Flex [+ Clonixine]
    Roemmers, Venezuela
  • Dorixina Relax [+ Clonixin]
    Roemmers, Argentina; Roemmers, Peru; Roemmers, Uruguay; Roemmers Centroamérica, Costa Rica; Roemmers Centroamérica, Guatemala; Roemmers Centroamérica, Honduras; Roemmers Centroamérica, Nicaragua; Roemmers Centroamérica, Panama; Roemmers Centroamérica, El Salvador; Siegfried, Mexico
  • Fibrolaxin
    Patron, Taiwan
  • Fibrox XL
    Laboratorio Saval, Chile
  • Flexer
    Synmosa, Taiwan
  • Flexerin
    Somatec Pharmaceuticals, Bangladesh
  • Flexiban
    Meda, Portugal; SIT, Italy
  • Flexor
    Incepta, Bangladesh
  • Iphsaflex
    Interpharma, Chile
  • Jamp Cyclobenzaprine
    Jamp Pharma, Canada
  • Masterelax
    Laboratorios Andromaco, Chile
  • Mio-Relax
    Volta, Chile
  • Miosan
    Apsen, Brazil
  • Miosan Caf [+ Caffeine]
    Apsen, Brazil
  • Mirtax
    Aché, Brazil
  • Mitrul
    Tecnofarma, Chile; Tecnofarma, Colombia
  • Musculare
    Eurofarma, Brazil
  • Musgud
    Lotus Pharmaceuticals, Taiwan
  • Mylan-Cyclobenzaprine
    Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Canada
  • Nostaden
    Mintlab Co., Chile
  • PMS-Cyclobenzaprine
    Pharmascience, Canada
  • Reflexan
    Pharma Investi de Chile, Chile
  • Relexil
    Laboratorio Chile, Chile
  • Riva-Cyclobenzaprine
    Laboratoire Riva, Canada
  • Sindolor [+ Piroxicam, + Lidocaine]
    Fiterman, Romania
  • Somnilan NF [+ Diphenhydramine]
    Novophar, Paraguay
  • Tensamon
    Instituto Sanitas, Chile
  • Tensiomax
    Laboratorio Bago, Chile
  • Tensodox
    Laboratorios Recalcine, Chile; Recalcine, Paraguay
  • Tensodox XR
    Laboratorios Recalcine, Chile
  • Teva-Cyclobenzaprine
    Teva Canada, Canada
  • Tonalgen
    Laboratorios Andromaco, Chile
  • Yuredol [+ Clonixin]
    Valeant Grossman, Mexico
  • Yurelax
    Meda Pharma Sau, Spain; Valeant Grossman, Mexico
  • Ziclob
    Farmo Quimica, Chile


DCITDenominazione Comune Italiana
ISInofficial Synonym
OSOfficial Synonym
PHPharmacopoeia Name
Rec.INNRecommended International Nonproprietary Name (World Health Organization)
USANUnited States Adopted Name

Further information on drug naming conventions: International Nonproprietary Names.

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