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Stimate Dosage

Generic name: DESMOPRESSIN ACETATE 1.5mg in 1mL
Dosage form: nasal spray
Drug class: Antidiuretic hormones

Medically reviewed by Last updated on May 29, 2023.

Hemophilia A and von Willebrand's Disease (Type I)

Stimate® Nasal Spray is administered by nasal insufflation, one spray per nostril, to provide a total dose of 300 mcg. In patients weighing less than 50 kg, 150 mcg administered as a single spray provided the expected effect on Factor VIII coagulant activity, Factor VIII ristocetin cofactor activity and skin bleeding time. If Stimate® Nasal Spray is used preoperatively, it should be administered 2 hours prior to the scheduled procedure.

The necessity for repeat administration of Stimate® Nasal Spray or use of any blood products for hemostasis should be determined by laboratory response as well as the clinical condition of the patient. Fluid restriction should be observed, and fluid intake should be limited to a minimum, from 1 hour before desmopressin administration, until at least 24 hours after administration. The tendency toward tachyphylaxis (lessening of response) with repeated administration given more frequently than once every 48 hours should be considered in treating each patient.

The nasal spray pump can only deliver doses of 0.1 mL (150 mcg) or multiples of 0.1 mL. If doses other than these are required, DDAVP® Injection may be used.

The spray pump must be primed prior to the first use. To prime pump, press down 4 times. The bottle should be discarded after 25 sprays since the amount delivered thereafter per spray may be substantially less than 150 mcg of drug.

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