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Doxylamine / Pyridoxine Dosage

Medically reviewed on September 3, 2018.

Applies to the following strengths: 10 mg-10 mg; 20 mg-20 mg

Usual Adult Dose for Nausea/Vomiting

During Pregnancy:

2 tablets orally at bedtime
Maximum dose: 4 tablets daily

Comments: Take daily and not on an as needed basis

Renal Dose Adjustments

Data not available

Liver Dose Adjustments

Data not available

Dose Adjustments

If 2 tablets at bedtime control symptoms, continue 2 tablets daily at bedtime.

If symptoms persist into the afternoon of Day 2, then take usual dose of two tablets at bedtime that night and then take 3 tablets starting on Day 3 (1 tablet in the morning and 2 tablets at bedtime.

If 3 tablets control symptoms, continue 3 tablets daily. If not, take 4 tablets on Day 4 (1 tablet in the morning, 1 tablet mid-afternoon and 2 tablets at bedtime).


Consult WARNINGS section for dosing related precautions.


Data not available

Other Comments

Administration advice:
-Take on an empty stomach with a glass of water.
-Swallow tablets whole.
-Do not crush, chew or split.

Storage requirements: Do not remove desiccant canister from the original bottle.

Monitoring: Reassess for the need of continued treatment as pregnancy progresses.

Patient advice:
-Avoid activities requiring complete mental alertness until cleared to do so.
-Do not take with alcohol or sedating medications.

Further information

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.