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User Reviews for Verapamil to treat Supraventricular Tachycardia

Also known as: Calan, Calan SR, Verelan, Verelan PM Isoptin SR

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Verapamil Rating Summary

User Ratings
17% (1)
33% (2)
17% (1)
33% (2)
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8.3/10 Average Rating
6 ratings from 7 user reviews

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Reviews for Verapamil

Bonnie July 21, 2019

“Been using verapamil for years, 240mg once daily. No side effects. Have a rare SVT occurrence, easily shutdown.”

9 / 10
Poopyfart January 28, 2018

“I had a problem with SVTs for a number of years and when it was necessary to have medical intervention in the ER, Verapamil was the drug of choice at that time. It always worked just fine for me with no side effects. I see now the drug of choice is Adenosine which Is very scary to watch when it is being administered to a patient. I eventually had an ablation done, but I would NOT want to have adenosine given to me if I ever was in a situation where I needed that intervention.”

9 / 10
DzoNI · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 22, 2017

“Long time (up to one month) to start working in combination with Propafenone 150 mg 3x1 still episodes of PSVT”

7 / 10
teej0976 · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 4, 2012

“Supraventricular tachycardia began 4/2012. Initial prescribed amount 240 mg (80mg) 3 x a day reduced for travel purpose to 1180mg per day. Prescribed with Flecainide (50mg 2x a day) Some constipation, Some melancholia and anxiety. Overall satisfaction okay.”

8 / 10
Anonymous December 18, 2010

Calan SR (verapamil): “I have been taking CALAN SR 120 for over 10 years now. My episodes of SVT occur at most a couple of times a year and then for short duration. My pharmacy issued me a generic once because CALAN was not available and I had SVTs almost daily. I was very glad when CALAN became available again. I would not like to be without it.”

10 / 10
Anonymous February 26, 2009

Calan SR (verapamil): “I used Verapamil for 5 years to treat supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). With each visit to the doctor, they increased my dosage. I started out taking 30mg once a day, and ended with 180mg once a day. For the most part, my symptoms were never controlled. The drug caused extreme fatigue and tiredness. I often had severe headaches and was constipated. I have been switched to Atenolol 50mg once a day now. Hopefully I won't have as many unwanted side effects.”

7 / 10
Butchi February 15, 2009

“I am having severe constipation after I started taking this drug.”

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