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User Reviews for Valerian Root

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Reviews for Valerian Root

Ladyrose · Taken for less than 1 month · August 23, 2019

For Herbal Supplementation "Well, I only tried taking it once since I suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and depression, I’ve heard that valerian root capsules are supposedly helpful with all these conditions. So I took one 350mg capsule even though the prescribed dose on the box was 2 capsules at once twice a day, so 4 capsules a day taken two times but since I didn’t know how I’d react I chose to take only one capsule and boy was I right not to take two :) it made me extremely nauseous, sick, I threw up, I felt dizzy, got a headache, I felt weird, couldn’t walk right and at the same time it didn’t really calm me down but it actually made me more agitated, and I read that that can happen only with bigger doses so to me it happened with one capsule. It also gave me pressure in my chest and tightness in my head."

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Pradip · Taken for 5 to 10 years · October 11, 2019

For Herbal Supplementation "I have always had issues with falling a sleep. I take two capsules of a name brand valerian supplement before bed. It helps me. I notice it when I don't take it, I take longer to fall a sleep. I have had no side effects. No tummy issues."

8 / 10
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CindyM · Taken for 1 to 6 months · June 5, 2018

For Herbal Supplementation "Recently, my panic attacks have gotten very severe (near fainting, sudden sweating, shaking, vision going blurry, body going weak, intense fear etc), due to my friend suddenly dying, and so I tried Valerian root. I have to say, amazingly, that it really does work. It stops panic attacks, it calms you, it improves your mood. However, it also makes you feel sick to your stomach. What a shame. I thought I found the perfect med for my anxiety, but I hate feeling sick. So I won't take these anymore. It's worth trying them, though. They work, and they are FAR cheaper than benzos. You may not have the same stomach upset as me."

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LeonaMarie · Taken for less than 1 month · November 14, 2020

For Herbal Supplementation "I drink Valerin tea and I usually fall asleep quickly but I saw Valerian root in the store and thought I'd try it. I took 2 capsules with food. I fell asleep 20 min later. I was very sleepy but was able to wake to use the toilet when my bladder was full. I fell back to sleep quickly. I normally need white noise to sleep. That was not needed. I'm happy with the results."

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Patti · Taken for 10 years or more · January 16, 2020

For Herbal Supplementation "Take as needed. No addictive. Doesn’t have the harmful and potentially life threatening side effects of Valium. Works great to calm you down and relieve tension without making you foggy or cloudy at all."

10 / 10
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Tony · Taken for less than 1 month · October 21, 2018

For Herbal Supplementation "I drink the tea and it works fine helps me sleep and slows my racing mind (ADD) or ADHD whichever you say I have. But it works (minus the putrid smell). This is the bees knees again this is the loose leaf tea not the pill"

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Tom · Taken for 6 months to 1 year · May 13, 2020

For Herbal Supplementation "Its incredible. Absolute life saver. Taper valium. Throw them away. Buy valerian and live a happy life."

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Breadstick · Taken for less than 1 month · March 25, 2019

For Herbal Supplementation "I suffer from bad anxiety, ADHD, and racing thoughts and if I take one 500mg capsule of valerian root within 30 minutes I am calm. Worth trying. "

10 / 10
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Fomar · Taken for 6 months to 1 year · May 13, 2020

For Herbal Supplementation "This is way better for anxiety than diazepam. I take 500mg twice per day and it does the job for me SAD and GAD. Side effects might make stomach a bit crampy but oh well."

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Anonymous · January 30, 2019

For Herbal Supplementation "I started taking it for insomnia. It works well but boy did I have crazy dreams. I am very sleepy the next day, especially if I take it two days in a row. I have headaches anyway, so I get them too."

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