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User Reviews for Naphazoline ophthalmic to treat Eye Redness

Also known as: Naphcon, Clear Eyes Redness Relief, Vasocon, Clear Eyes Maximum Redness Relief, All Clear, GoodSense Redness Relief Plus, Nazil Ofteno, All Clear AR, Albalon, AK-Con, Estivin II, Degest 2 Allersol Allerest Eye Drops Advanced Eye Relief

Itchy Eyevy · Taken for less than 1 month June 30, 2019

Estivin II (naphazoline): “It has been quite some years since I've used this product, however I remember that it was rather ineffective and very disappointing. I only tried the Estivin II because I could no longer find the original product. After buying and trying my first bottle of Estivin II I never bought or used another. I have so missed the original product which worked so amazingly well. I have not found any other product that works anywhere near as well as the original Estivin, which I believe was simply or mainly a solution of rose petals. My eyes have suffered much since the loss of the original Estivin from the market.”

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