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User Reviews for Ipratropium nasal to treat Rhinorrhea

Also known as: Atrovent Nasal

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Reviews for Ipratropium

Sick · Taken for less than 1 month June 22, 2019

Atrovent Nasal (ipratropium): "I have just got a cold and gone through the sore throat stage up to the runny nose stage. I am a bit tired but took Atrovent Nasal Forte about 3 hours ago and within 15 minutes my nose was completely clear and it is still clear. Two pumps and that's it. I tried two other brands and did not work. This is awesome!"

silliness October 18, 2017

"After spraying into each nostril, my nose runs for 30 minutes. It's quite drying and seems to become less effective with continued use. Thought it was miracle drug initially but not so sure anymore."

sti January 21, 2013

Atrovent Nasal (ipratropium): "It completely cured my constant runny nose, and I feel great. No side effects at all! I use it two or three times a day as prescribed by my doctor."

Anonymous October 12, 2012

"Effective in rhinorrhea, clean dose thoroughly before spraying, every 6 hrs, keep dose to 1 spray left and right nostril. 6 years experience."

Anonymous June 5, 2009

Atrovent Nasal (ipratropium): "I have non allergic or vasomotor rhinitis so my nose constantly was running whether I was eating/drinking, exercising, cold weather, etc. I couldn't go anywhere without Kleenex. This nasal spray totally cured my runny nose. I'll never go without it. I don't have to carry Kleenex anymore. I use the 0.03 prescription and use it less then prescribed. The only down side to this drug is that it dries out my eyes. The first couple of days I thought it dried my nose out too but that went away with use and perhaps using it a little less."


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