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User Reviews for Immune globulin intravenous and subcutaneous to treat Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculoneuropathy

Also known as: Gammagard Liquid, Gamunex-C, Gammaked

PoohBear · Taken for less than 1 month November 26, 2018

Gamunex-C (immune globulin intravenous and subcutaneous): “I have been under IViG therapy (intravenous immunoglobulin therapy) for more than 4 years, after first trying steroids for CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy). Felt better immediately with steroids, but gained weight which is now impossible to lose! Switched to Gamunex which I have used alternately (every 6 months with a change of living location) with Gamagard - no problems with either one. The only thing I can complain about is the time at the hospital every 3 weeks that is required. At the last appointment I was informed that a switch had been made from the Gamagard to Gamunex-C. Again, no problems whatsoever. I feel fortunate that I no longer fall, and have only mild balance problems, along with NO REACTIONS to the products used in treatment.”

10 / 10
laurah111 January 7, 2014

Gammagard Liquid (immune globulin intravenous and subcutaneous): “I was diagnosed in 2007 with Lewis-Sumner disorder a branch of Chronic Inflammatory Demyelination Polyradiculoneuropathy. I received a week of loaded doses of Gammagard then maintenance dose of 100 g and has been at 90 g for a few years now. This medicine is a great help for the atrophy in my legs but I do get side effects...moderate to severe back and muscle pain, cramping in my upper front main thigh muscle, foot and toes. Also a lot of hair loss and women should not get IVIG infusion when on their menstrual cycle. It causes more clots and a lot of increased flow than normally happens. Double up on your monthly femine products and be prepared to change them every 30 minutes. I also experience fatigue and frequent urination and headaches. Drink lots of water! I take Excedrine migraine.”

7 / 10
CIDP-Patient August 6, 2011

Gamunex-C (immune globulin intravenous and subcutaneous): “After 5 months of infusions I feel better although CIDP symptoms persist. Side effects were mouth sores/swollen lips both with white blisters starting after three days resolving after two weeks. Significant coverage of chest and back rash, large red blotches. Start on the fifth day and resolve after forming black scabs after three weeks. Will continue with last treatment and then quit.”

6 / 10

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