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User Reviews for Ifosfamide

Brand names: Ifex

Ifosfamide has an average rating of 1.0 out of 10 from a total of 1 ratings on 0% of reviewers reported a positive experience, while 100% reported a negative experience.

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mickey · Taken for less than 1 month · March 4, 2021

For Cancer "Overall, my experience with ifosfamide was disasterous. Used to treat my soft tissue sarcoma cancer, the drug did shrink the tumor, but the main side effect was total devastation of my kidneys. If you don't have working kidneys, you are on the fast track to #1 Dialysis and #2 Death. From what I can tell, ifosfamide is a vicious nephrotoxic drug not safe for animals or people. A study from Canada involving 163,000 chemotherapy subjects, varied drug regimens, showed that 10 % of them wound up hospitalized with serious kidney damage, often irreversible. And for those with advanced tumors, and that includes myself, our chances jumped up to 41 percent. These are odds not even high risk gamblers would accept. I am trying to find out the dose of infosfamide I was given, and if there was any effort made to prevent the horrific side effects of this drug. I feel like I was attack from behind by an unknown assailant. As a result, my prognosis is grim."

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