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User Reviews for Cholecalciferol

Also known as: Bio-D-Mulsion, Bio-D-Mulsion Forte, BProtected Pedia D-Vite, Carlson D, Celebrate Vitamin D3 Quick-Melt, D 1000 IU, D-Vita Drops, D2000, D3, D3-5, D3-50, D400, Ddrops, Decara, Delta D3, all 25 brand names

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Vitamin D Deficiency 3 reviews 29 medications
Summary of Cholecalciferol reviews 3 reviews 7.0

Reviews for Cholecalciferol

D3 (cholecalciferol) for Vitamin D Deficiency: "Having severe bone loss, my MD put me on vitamin D2 at 50,000 units a week. My wife did the research, and found out vitamin D2 is not as well absorbed as vitamin D3. It also must be taken with a calcium supplement. I had been taking the D2 for several years, and then they wanted me to take Prolia as my bone loss was getting worse. Stopping the D2, and starting the D3 at 5,000 iu a day with 600 mg of calcium has helped quite a bit. I would suggest anyone try this before taking something like Prolia, or Forteo for bone loss. If you have osteoporosis, you need the supplements either way. Wife took Forteo everyday for 26 months, and less than 4 years later they now want her to try Prolia too.Check wikipedia for info on this."


Gary622012 December 18, 2016

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Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) for Vitamin D Deficiency: "After my wellness checkup and blood analysis, I was told by my md to start taking Vit. D3-2000 daily. I took it as recommended for 2 days and I noticed that I was experiencing dizziness, tiredness and really bad cramps in my hands, feet and legs. I thought that I was dehydrated and drank more water. The cramps kept getting worse and I also started having increased palpitations and more dizziness. As the only change I had made in my daily regimen was taking the D3, I decided to stop taking it to see if it might be the cause. Sure enough, these symptoms disappeared. So, why are we being told to take this? Several of my friends and family have been advised to do the same lately. Is it a new "health" sham?"


Magnolia Joy October 19, 2016

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For Vitamin D Deficiency: "I started taking Vitamin D3 along with Omega-3 a few years ago. The combination of the two really helped my physical energy and brought my blood pressure down from 150-160 systolic, 100-110 diastolic, to 102-125 systolic and 75-85 diastolic. I also lost 75 lbs with little effort. Vitamin D is a great supplement."


Jwright7784 (taken for 2 to 5 years) July 23, 2016

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