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What happens when you drink alcohol while taking campral?


suzanne66 15 April 2013

Nothing will happen, it's not like Antabuse which makes you feel sick if you drink.
Read these... hopefully it will motivate you not to have that drink.

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menagel 15 April 2013

Thank you Suzanne66! And thanks for the link to the comments. I don't really want a drink, but I am curious about what happens!

Patriot101 6 July 2015

I was started on Viibryd for depression and Campral for alcohol dependence. Day 1 with Viibryd, even taking trazodone to help me sleep I was wired - no sleep. The next day I got Campral from the pharmacy and it adds to my insomnia. I don't know how anyone tolerates taking the recommended dosage with the diarrhea it causes. I don't want to drink because I'm feeling so lousy. Hard to continue this medication.

TritonJr 25 Aug 2018

On campral I feel different. I do not get the usual buzz euphoria however feel numb. A headache emerges if I insist on drinking. In the end I feel full and kind of drunk easier and earlier compared to no campral. Sleep is deeper but ironically with worse symptoms like headache dry mouth stuffed nose etc. This is probably more dangerous too . I do not recommend anyone to drink on any medication. free discount card

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