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If someone has a drink while taking Campral will it affect in anyway?


Inactive 23 June 2010

I´m 41 male, was an alcoholic 4 20 years, been sober for 8 years.

What is campral? Campral (acamprosate calcium) is a prescription medication approved to treat alcohol dependence. It is intended for use after a person has stopped drinking (usually after detoxification) and should be used in combination with a comprehensive alcohol treatment program that includes counseling and group support programs. If you have a relapse and start drinking again, do not stop taking campral unless your doc instructs you to do so.

I don´t like your question..But who am I 2 judge u... @ the end of the day it´s your life. By the way here is the answer you seeking:

campral does not work like most other alcohol dependence meds. It won´t cause any unpleasant reactions when combined with alcohol, and it is not a habit-forming drug

good luck

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