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Xarelto I've been on it 2 days and coughed up blood once does this mean internal bleeding?


DemoninDC 24 July 2014

As long as you are not coughing up blood each time you cough, known as hemoptysis, you should be fine. However, you are at high risk since you have PE's and are taking Xarelto. Hemoptysis can also come from bleeding outside the lungs and airways. Severe nosebleeds or vomiting of blood from the stomach can result in blood draining into the windpipe (trachea). The blood is then coughed up, appearing as hemoptysis. In many people with hemoptysis, no cause is ever identified.

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kaismama 22 July 2014

If you're bleeding into your stomach, you throw up blood, and usually lots of it. Black stools can indicate internal bleeding too if its lower in the digestive tract. Coughing up a little blood in mucous is most likely some bleeding from irritation from coughing. If it continues you should call your dr. 2 days of xarelto isn't enough to do much of anything yet.

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