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Has anyone developed blood clots (pulmonary embolism) while on Cymbalta?

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25 Nov 2010

Pulmonary embolism and blood clots are not known side effects of Cymbalta, but it may be possible.

The link below has known side effects of Cymbalta.

16 Jun 2012

The warning on the product info speaks to increases in bleeding risks alone or along with anti-coagulants. The problem therefore lies in between the lines. Cymbalta causes an increase in bleeding (significant in some people) so it naturally follows that if you were to withdraw from it, chances are your blood will thicken up. If you are in a sedentary lifestyle that can be deadly as my left leg began to form clots within weeks of withdrawing after using the drug since it's intro. A combination of negligence on the part of the physician to monitor my INC (after I had a stroke from withdrawing from it in 2010, DUH!) and Lilly's less than full disclosure of withdrawal side effect led to a triple pulmonary embolism. So in long, Yes I think that it does!!!

lonna1969 16 Apr 2015

I agree I've been taking Cymbalta for over 10 years I had no problems with my blood at all all in a sudden my left foot startedto each like I had at least feet it is maybe for about 3 days then I started still friends with pressure in my feet a lot of pain I went to the hospital my toes was just color I had a lot of pressure in pain in my foot hospital me nothing was wrong in the sun me home with some antibiotics 23 days later my book study discovering worse I went back to bed same hospital the results that I got from the doctor at that hospital was dead I went in for the pain pills mike tolls was totally black they send me back home because they did not want to deal with me so I decide by the time I reach the next hospitaly the time I reach the next Hospital I had to go through surgery my leg has been butchered from the inward parts of the top of my thigh to the bottom of my foot they ampitated 3 toes with that gangrene took over then ampitated half of the foot I suffered ...

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