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Would Lomotil cause a false positve in drug screening for herion?

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Garychirgwin 22 Sep 2022

I am in exactly the same situation I tested positive for the drug Demerol first I have never taken this but I do take Lomotil for a stomach condition and I have a neuropathy in my left knee and am I a opioid pain management program. I received a call from the doctors office telling me of the results of Demerol as I started previously I have never taken this medication with or without a prescription. I have been suspended for 6 months from my program and I will be in incredible pain for this false test the doctor will not retest me what can I do about this

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crohnspatient 16 March 2021

I have Crohn's Disease and I take high dose Lomotil.(8 per day) for diarrhea, as well as loperamide. I took a urinalysis drug test for employment. I received a call and was told my drug screening tested positive for Demerol.

I have NEVER taken Demerol or even heard the name before the test. I was told it is a very power pain reliever and is really only used in hospital setting. Also, that Demerol had fell out of favor for other pain medication.

I don't know if the false positive came from Lomotil, another medication or a combination of the medication I consume. Either way I couldn't explain the "Demerol" in my urine and my job offer was withdrawn. So far all I can find online about this issue is from people like myself who've had false positive and not much from the medical/ scientific community.

I was upset and embarrassed from this accusation and lost my job. I hope the scientific community finds out what causes these false positive, so no one else has to suffer the same fate.

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blaze22 27 June 2011

Believe it or not, anti-biotics can cause false/positives on drug tests, there are many drugs out there that are prescribed that can cause a person to fail a drug test... If you are taking a specific medication for a certain illness etc, I would let the screener know up front so that they can be aware of anything that may effect the reading of the results. By law they can not hold it against you if you are on a prescribed medication... Blaze22 good luck

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caringsonbj 27 June 2011

Blaze is right! Lomotil contains a drug called atropine (drying agent) so better safe than sorry!
Blaze sorry didn't mean to just jump in free discount card

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