I am currently 78 hours off of Subutex after almost 3 years on Suboxone after checking into a detox center for Opiod dependency, and last Monday I told my doctor that I wanted to get off of the Subutex. I had been taking 2 mg 2 x a day or sometimes 1x a day and did pretty well. Now I am afraid that if I take the Vivitrol injection on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012 that I will again have to go through withdrawl symptoms like I am now. Currently I am taking Clonidine, Xanax, Phenegan, and Requip for the horrid restless, shall I say out of control involentary leg thrashings... Ugh... I have to continue working my 8-5 M-F job and I am afraid of the upcoming injection. The doc thinks I will only have to take the shot 1 or maybe 2 times (months).
Has anyone gone through this? Please reply ASAP as Tuesday is fast approaching. Thanks