I've been on rather high levels of opiate pain medication for years. All are now prescribed by a legitimate Neurologist/Pain specialist, although in the past I've had a doctor with questionable morals, motives, and knowledge. Anyhow, I've always done my best to be very informed about these drugs, and since I've actually gotten off them a few times over the years, (trying to live without being a slave to medication, which didn't work) I've done a lot of research (especially after a recent episode) on Suboxone, and Subutex, which is the Bupenorphine just like Suboxone, but without the Naloxone, the "blocker". Well I once took a Subutex, (straight Bupenorphine) before coming off of the other drugs in my system (Fentanyl and Oxycodone). I was thrown into the worst withdrawl of my life, with insanely intense vomiting, diahrea, shaking, kicking, and cold sweats. I looked like I had been beat up, and had two black eyes when I was done because the vomitinig was so intense I burst all the blood vesels around my eyes, and on my face. I and nearly called 911 because I couldn't crawl to my car to drive to the ER. After doing my research I saw that Bupenorphine, and other drugs like it, like Butorphanol the active ingredient in Stadol, have such a strong binding affinity with the opiate receptors, that if you're still on high doses of other opiates, it will literally rip it off of the receptors, and block the receptors from recieving the drugs in your system, and as I mention, induce percipitated withdrawl. Moral of the story is, just because your opiate tolerance is high, it doesn't make all other opiates safe, in fact the WORST thing you could do is take SMALL doses of these other opiates, because they will replace and block whats already attached to your receptors, without giving you enough to supplement the required level to keep you out of withdrawl. In retrospect, had I taken more Subutex, I probably would have been OK, but at that moment, that was the last thing I was thinking I should do. So be careful, we all know what Suboxone can do if you take it too early, but Subutex can do it too, and so can Stadol! I had a similar experience with Stadol years ago, and just recently after this event with Bupenorphine did I realize what had happened to me. I had thought that maybe it had caused overdose since I was one high levels of other opiates, but that seemed unlikely, but was the only explanation I had for feeling so sick. Only now do I realize that was my first experience with rapidly induced withdrawl. Just be careful, and do research ON EVERYTHING before you take it, and make sure you consider all the variables of your own situation. Just because one drug worked for someone else, doesn't mean your situation is the same. I've seen too many people who have had Suboxone work for them, then reccomend someone else getting on it, WAY too soon. If you're not in withdrawl already before you get on it, it will send you there so quickly, and violently that you'll do ANYTHING to make it stop, and same goes for Subutex. That's my rant, I hope that maybe someone reads this, and it keeps them from making the same mistake I did. I wonder if anyone else here has already had a similar experience?