I am getting ready to suffer from Suboxone withdraws. I have been taking 16/4mg a day for the last 2 years. Suddenly my insurance decided they were not going to cover my last rx. I have stepped down everyday for the last 5 days but tomorrow my husband and I are going to be out. He was taking 4 a day. What can I do to help relieve some of the w/d symptoms? My pcp told me to go to the ER but I have 2 small children and nobody to help out, not to mention my son is getting ready to start schoo, I am a full time student, and then of course my husband has to work. Any suggestions to help get through this? The dr. I was seeing was giving me xanax to help with the mood swings that Suboxone caused. Then we found out that it could kill me, so last month I kicked xanax and that was a rough detox but I was able to do it at home and have not had any in over a month. Is it going to be as bad as that?