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Will Neurontin show up in a urine lab drug test if so how long will it be there?

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goodnewsdoc 12 Dec 2009

Yes. It can cause false positives. If you're required to take Neurontin, take your prescription with you the day of testing. I don't know what it will show up as, but I suspect it might appear under the PCP/LSD or stimulant type drug band of most testing kits. (But, I could be wrong on that.) It shouldn't show up as weed or opiates. How long, I think, would depend on how long you've been taking it. Anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. If your employer has a problem with that, get a note from your MD stating the cause of a false positive. BTW, I had a false positive and it's a scary day in paradise! Best wishes for a clean stream, Goodnewsdoc

toxictears7 14 Aug 2012

dude no offense but you have no clue what you're talking about. there is no test for PCP or LSD. the only way they can test for LSD is through a spinal tap and that is illegal. Why dont you do some research before you start answering questions that you dont know the answer to.

I take a drug test every week, and they use a 10 panel and send it to the lab. The panel test tests for pcp.\lsd. The test also tests for gabipenten(probably spelled wrong) the generic for Neurontin. I have never had a spinal, that's probably one way to tell, but not the only one. My friend Chris has to take a regular 13 panel drug test I need to know wether Neurontin will be on his test or not.

dont get to cocky there toxic .. The myth that LSD is in your spinal fluid is infact that a myth.

Christopher32 23 Dec 2017

You all have no clue what you talking about. At least make some sense when writing these lies

blondie2123 26 Jan 2017

yes it will.I have first hand been a user of gabapentins and they will show up as a false positive for lsd.I had to stop taking them.

Christopher32 23 Dec 2017

Will not show any false positive unless you talking something else

charlie burke 12 May 2017

yes it will show up as benzo so beware if you going for job or court might not work out in your favor

Inmant123 22 Jun 2017

I'm on parole and I take a three panel does it show up in that.

Inactive 5 Sep 2017

Is there any verification that nuerotins can show up as benzos?

Gpp 14 Nov 2017

Neurontin should not show up as a false positive for benzo. The chemical structure is sigificantly different than that of benzos. It is becoming more commonly tested for these days though since more and more people are using this medication recreationally.

Christopher32 23 Dec 2017

I agree with you

Barbara123456789 16 Nov 2017

I take Neurontin and have for years and it has never caused a false positive anything in a drug screen. My employer does random drug screens so often that with 725 employees we are pretty much tested at least three times a year each!

Christopher32 23 Dec 2017

That is true I'm glad someone tells the truth on here free discount card

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