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Will lyrica show up in a urine test sent to the lab for regular drug testing?

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Teetz 29 Dec 2017

Will lyrica show up in a urinalysis

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Cherokeeangel120855 19 Nov 2017


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DzooBaby 16 July 2013

Most drug screens look for controlled drugs. Lyrica is a low controlled drug so if they test for it, it could trigger a positive. It just depends on if the person testing is looking for it. Some drug screenings have certain panels of drugs and others test for individual drugs. If the screen is for pain management, they will probably test for Lyrica. If the test is for employment, it is likely that they wont.

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traumanurse 10 July 2013

There are drugs out there that can cause false positives. False positives are just that false results. They use a highly sensitive machine to determine at what level positive results are at. That test is highly accurate and will prove yes or no if the person is using. Good luck

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mitchy1874 1 Dec 2013

can a prebaglin test return a false positive 4 benzos any help would be gratfull free discount card

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