I am under a physicians (neurologist ) care , and am being prescribed 30mg. oxycodone 4x daily . On many occasions , I will need an extra dose or two for the day , and then I run out of my medicine before I'm supposed to . My Dr. tells me that my ins. will not cover a longer lasting version of this med , or time released maybe , but that I need to take my medication as prescribed . I do agree , and this med does scare me , but I need it for the pain that I suffer . My question is : Some times I run out because , I need to take it more often , and I have a relative that is on morphine sulphate , and he will sometimes allow me some of his med. when I run out and I re-pay him when I get mine . Well recently my Dr. has begun random urine testing his patients (before,he would occasionally send me for blood work ) , I wanted to know if I have taken the morphine instead of my regular med. how will it show up in my test ? Does it just come up as "opiares" or are they each identified separately ? I have told him in the past that I have done this once or twice and of course he yelled at me , but I was in pain and needed help . I also have had chronic hives for many years (much longer than the chronic pain) , the cause has never been determined as I always have the hives , so testing is near impossible . Any way , over the years , nothing has ever worked for the hives that we have tried , so I pretty much rely on OC products when it gets bad . Well my same relative is on 10mg. valium , and every once in a while when my hives are very bad , I will take a half of one at bed time and it helps me and there is no "hung-over feeling in the morning or anything . I'm telling you this because I am also on muscle relaxers (for my neck & head pain ) , but I don't take them all of the time like prescribed because I don't like the way they make me feel . And when I occasionally take the valium , it really helps the neck as well . How will this show in my urine test as well as the other . I am really not trying to disobey my Dr.'s orders , but sometimes this helps me . I smoke cigarettes , but I definately DO NOT drink alcohol or take any street drugs of any kind . I have thought of trying marijuana to help with the head & neck , but it scares me . So I have never tried to do this . I did smoke it when I was young (I am a 52 year old woman ) , I think that most of us did back in the day , and I remember sometimes it would give me a headache , the very last thing I want is to make my headaches worse .
I just thought that maybe you could give me some advice here and let me know about how the urine tests actually work .
Thank-you very much for your time .