... oxycontin. I take oxycodone and oxycontin and must test for workmans comp to show I am indeed taking what they buy for me. I have also had amoxycillin and ibuprofen as well as armour thyroid and high blood pressure meds but nothing else.I don't smoke pot but have been one concert where I could barely smell it. I don't take antidepressants and don't remember eating a poppy seed. I'm stresssed about how this could happen particularly because last year one of my urine tests came back as a false negative stating I was negative for anything which was ridiculous since I take oxy 80s every 8 hours and the oxy ir in between. Because the doctor has known and treated me for 15 years he realized I was truthful but now I worry every test that the comp people will stop buying my meds which I depend on to get through life with constant pain. What can I do to avoid false test results in the future.I'm not trying to pull anything here.I just want a true reading of what I have truly taken. Thanks