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Wich hidrocodome is stronger 5/325 or 10/325 and why?

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L4-5Spine 17 Oct 2009

Just as the dosage states the 10mg has twice as much narcotic (hydrocodone) as the 5mg, but the same amount of tylenol in each.

kimmie1 17 Oct 2009

They are giving you more hydrocodone than tylenol which is better for your liver. If you don't need that much codine, go back to the 5mg... They are equal but one has more condine(or synthicatic(sp) condine... Kim

kersey777 17 Oct 2009

I agree, the least amount of tylenol the better, if possible.But in your case, depending on how much hydrocodone it takes to silence your pain,try breaking the 10mg. one in half, so you take less tylenol. Not an answer to your question, just a tip.

mkary 28 Aug 2016

I accidentally took two

robin499 18 Oct 2009

5 mg /325 Hydrocodone,is not often perscribed and there for is quite expensive.As the previous poster stated,10 mg/325,if they are cut in half(most of the tablets are scored) lowers your intake of acetominophen to 162.5 mg per dose.Acetominophen is a very toxic drug.The FDA is looking into lowering the over the counter dosage to 4000mg per day.Dosages between 7 and 9 grams can cause liver failure.It is one of the most over perscribed and deadliest drugs on the market.Almost every cold medicine,sleep aid and a number of other concoctions contain it.Unless you read the entire label on every over the counter and perscription drug you take,you may not realize that you are approaching a toxic dosage level.Speak with your Doctor about your options.He may switch you to a medication that contains no acetominophen at all.Don't be afraid to ask lot's of questions.Medical care is very expensive in this Country,so make your Doctor earn every penny.It is your health and life at ...

mkary 28 Aug 2016

Is it dangerous to take two 5.335 at one time? free discount card

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