I have been taking Norco/hydrocodone 10 325 three Pills allowed a day since May 2016, very recently we moved and a friend that I've known for eight years brought a girl with him claimed he knew her very well turns out he didn't so therefore she 25 of my pain meds. I have 10 of the oxycodone 10 325 from about six months ago not expired and I have taken one in the morning and then one at night and that's it. The reason I don't take three like the hydrocodone 10 325 a day is because I don't have that many and I have to wait another eight days before I get my prescription filled. The point of my question is why is it that the Norco/hydrocodone 10 325 which are yellow I get from H-E-B work way better then the Oxycodone 10 325???