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Does hydrocodone acetaminaphin 7.5 -325 stronger than hydrocodone acetaminaphin 10-325?


Inactive 23 June 2013

You don't say why you are asking? I hope it's for a medically prescribed reason. The 10/325 mg is stronger. You take the first number - 10 - that's the huydrcodone - 10 is larger than 7.5. The second number - 325 - is the amount of acetaminophen (Tylenol) in the medication, and in this ii is the same. Remember only the medication prescribed to that one person are safe to take. Be well - EJ23

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Kokakola13 18 March 2015

I had a full knee replacement and these are the pills that are prescribed by my Dr...

Inactive 18 March 2015

And I imagine you will need them for awhile. In my estimation, they are best taken about an hour before physical therapy, or when it's time to get moving that new knee! I envy you - both my knees need to be done. I will only walk with little pain again when/if I have both knees replaced. I SO want to walk without pain, but I have to lose a lot of weight before hand, and they will only do one knee at a time. I say get it over with - have both knees done! Take good care - and enjoy that new knee!

Kind Regards,
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