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Is percocet 10 325 stronger then diladud 8 mg?


Mansikka75 17 April 2016

Well I know for me it wasn't stronger, but ppl are different and each of us reacts different to meds. For me the percocets were much stronger and the dilaudid just made me sleepy didn't change my pain level either and I even took more than prescribed which isn't good but I wanted relief and all I got was sleepy! When I went back to my doctor I told her straight up, I want back on my percocets and she put me back on. Only problem I'm dealing with now is my tolerance to the percocets. I have read so many boards this morning and have decided to give them a break for awhile & go back to Norco 10's. I hope all works out for you as well as for myself.
Take care :)

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