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Why do people gain weight while on lupron and how long dose the side affect last?

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suzanne66 30 Mar 2010

Side-effects of Lupron include increased levels of triglycerides and
fats in the plasma. These effects could account for weight gain that some patients experience when taking Lupron.

Rebecca062580 26 Apr 2010

I am taking lupron 13.25mg and HATE it! I wish I would have been told the side effects in more detail before I began the series... I am in my 4th month of the lupron therapy and have gained 30+ pounds, cramping, spotting, irritable, and have worse acne than I did when I was a teenager. I'm being treated for endometriosis and I now need to weight the option between endometriosis pain and ALL of the side effects... Good luck to you~ I wish I had better news for you.

Aleinad0704 7 Jun 2017

Well.I been diagnosed with endometriosis 12 yrs ago and been given same treatment and I put 60pounds on in a space of 6 months.Im a huge 180 pounds disabled person now with joints pain in most of my joints.I had DVT and nurolgia with hair loss and achne a dry skin.I wish that I never had the treatment.My husband says that I have mood swings and I cant loose weight and the pain is still there.12 yrs later Im no better.I knew that endometriosis are uncurable and you can only dampen down them but the is no cure!

Ginger29 13 Sep 2017

I've been taking Lupton since December and my only side effects are hot flashes ,night sweating, bone and joint pains but the side effects out weights the pain of endometriosis.

edbose 20 Mar 2018

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