... your system? I started the shot back in Feb 2012 which was my first shot. Again in march (2nd shot) April (3rd shot) Which I had problems after I got the shot. I missed a month after my third because I was in bed with sciatic nerve problems from where the nurse gave me the shot in my back. and My last shot was in June. I went for my 5th shot in July but the doctor did not want to give it to me so there for I ended up not seeing him again, I never got another shot after my 4th. Which again it was in June. I was wondering if any one knew how long until normal periods come back. And about how long it takes to be able to become Pregnant ? I have read a question on here where a women talked with her doctor and they said after the last shot about 4 weeks the shot is out of your system and within 8 weeks to a year you can become pregnant. I am wondering if any one has become pregnant and about how long after the last shot? Please any comments welcome !