All I want to do is sleep all day on 40mg of Paxil. I do drink wine before bed and have tried to stop, but can't sleep. I have been putting things off, like grocery shopping for days, because I rather lay down on the couch. Have not left house in 3 days. Been on 20 mg for 20 days and then on 40mg for the last 14 days. 34 days on Paxil and I feel so tired. Anxiousness is gone, but now I am lazy. Should I stay on this? Dr. gave me Ambin, I must walk in my sleep with it, because objects were moved in house and I don't remember anything my husband tells me happens at night. So no more Ambin, and hello wine. My ? is is my tiredness wine with the Paxil. If so What can I do to sleep? Tried taking Paxil at night but no difference than in the morning.