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Contrave - I enjoy wine - can I still drink wine while on this medicine?

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evening99 18 June 2016

I find I'm less interested in drinking, and I love me some wine. When I do drink the side effects I'm already experiencing, i.e. sleepiness, dizziness, nauseousness, blurry vision increases. There is a risk of seizures if you drink too much and take this medication.

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hippie_slay 27 May 2016

This drug contains Naltrexone (no effect on alcohol), and bupropion (causes a slight decrease in alcohol tolerance)... It will cause a slight decrease in alcohol tolerance but that's really only if you're drinking in excess... But if you're drinking in excess, then that will not be conducive to losing weight which is what this drug is taken for, so in conclusion you should be fine with a few glasses of wine.

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hopin32 26 May 2016

Yes, but be careful. Some say that they can drink more and some say they drink less. The medication can mask the effects of intoxication.

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Shananigans71 26 May 2016

Oh, good to know. Thank you! I'm till pondering filling the rx. I certainly don't want to start drinking too much! :) free discount card

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