Well let me start by saying my problem stems from a swollan prostate because I am using methadone to kick a two year oxy cotton addiction. I know that if a couple is having sex and the man can't climax the woman would feel like it was her or something she did. But after failing repeatedly to climax we did some researching and found out that the methadone and all other opiates have the side effect of a swollan prostate. Not to say that it didn't feel great but I just don't get any end result. My girlfriend on the other hand does still climax over and over during sex, but yet she still claims that if I can't get off that she don't enjoy it. Even after reading several articals about similar cases explaining that its not either of our faults and that we shouldn't fight or get down on each other because of the problem because it will just make the man feel inatiquit and it makes matters worst. But she still tells me that it bothers her. My responce is how are you bothered if you came 6 times during sex just because I don't finish. If you think about it she gets the same pleasure with out the mess it should be just as good. Since we have developed this addiction our sexlife has gone down the drain for the simple fact that she don't want it if I can't climax but even if I don't I still want it I love her and I want nothing more than to pleasure her I mean I love to finish but if I don't I'm satisfied knowing that I get her off and get to touch kiss ext... but she pretty much has shut me off and I hate it I'm so depressed about it because we use to be like rabbits. We went from minimum once a day to twice a month if I'm lucky. So I guess my real question is what should I do to fix our problem? Or what can I say to her that would make her not care if I climax and its not a waste of time for me I love it even if I don't cum. Thank you for any help you can give me and sorry for any foul langauge or run on sentences.