I was on wellbutrin xl at 150 mg for a week. Then upped to 300mg. I immediately began itching. After reading neg experienced others wrote about generic, i switched to Brand Wellbutrin on Day 3. Itching continued. Developed into rash all over my legs and arms. Worst itching I've every felt. Soon broke out in large hives.
Dr took me off immediately when I told him about rash.
I took it for 5 days at 300mg and now have been off for 5 days. But I'm still itching and continuing to break out. Not as bad, but can't sleep at night. Taking benadryl and prednisone, but not going away as I thought.

My question is this: For anyone who has experienced similar reaction, how long does it take for itching and hives to go away, (or for meds to get out your system)?

Any advice would help. I can't find any answers or info on the duration of an allergic reaction to Wellbutrin, although I know it is somewhat common.