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I had a allergic reaction to Tramadol, how can I stop the itching?

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jammark 20 June 2023

Like others before me replied, itching is very common with Tramadol, and nothing to be concerned about unless it is just unbearable to you. I take Tramadol everyday, and later in the day or evening the itching would begin. It never bothered me because it was not a constant thing. Yes, it did occur everyday, but only for an hour or so maybe. Now, after being on tramadol for 8 months, I rarely experience the itching. If it is just too unbearable for you, rather than taking antihistamine, I think a better idea would be to switch to a different pain medication.

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sunnydayzgurl66 20 June 2023

Yes, I have sent my doctor some notes on what is a going on with the Tramadol. I’m just waiting on an answer.


jammark 20 June 2023

Absolutely! We're here to help each other. I hope I working with your doctor you can find something that works better for you.

sunnydayzgurl66 20 June 2023

Hello …. I have been taking 2 Tramadol 3 Xs a day. I am about to scratch myself crazy. I scratch the itching all over my body including my scalp. I’ve started taking 2 Benadryl with every dose of Tramadol. It does NOT help even a little bit! I will be contacting my doctor tomorrow for alternative pain management.

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EmmaGemma 6 Oct 2016

Delila is correct about itching being a side effect of Tramadol. If you are not experiencing hives/rash but just have an extreme itching sensation, its most likely a side effect. I've taken Tramadol off and on for years and it caused me excruciating itching sensations, but not every time I took it. Call your doctor and ask if he/she thinks that's the issue and what to take for it.

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Delila 4 May 2013

Hi, itching when taking Tramadol is much more common than many people are aware. I suffer from it myself. You should discuss this side effect with your doctor. Antihistamines will help, but chances are the itching will be a long term side effect, and i'm not sure if you should take an OTC antihistamine long term without your doctors advice?

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lady2882 4 May 2013

Depending on what else you are taking for meds, Benadryl is very effective for itch but please check with the pharmacist to make sure that it won't interact with anything else you are taking.

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DzooBaby 4 May 2013

You might also try an colloidal oatmeal bath like Aveeno (like you give kids with chicken pox a bath with) It can help with itching. Use cool to tepid water, not hot

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kaismama 3 May 2013

An antihistamine should help.

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