I just started 150 ml Bupropion 2 days ago. My doctor recommended it for depression and anxiety. While I do struggle with both as my work and home life are very hectic, I have never taken anything for it. Situations changed and I decided to give it a try to see if it improves my symptoms. However, I am concerned to read the comments about drinking. I do drink wine, everyday. 3-4 glasses and don't plan to stop. But, I see that others say it has made them very sick to drink while on this medication. I certainly don't want seizure side effects. It also says not to quit drinking while on this medication. Confusing. I have noticed though in just two days that smoking tastes terrible and for that I am happy as I do want to quit. Today I'm noticing a strange, sort of off balance (in my head) feeling that I don't like. I am very sensitive to any sort of medication. I want to give this medication a chance but am worried and don't want to wait to stop in a few weeks when my body is dependant and I have to ween myself. But I also don't want to freak my family out by having a seizure after having a glass or two of wine. Any experience with this?