I'm currently taking 300 mg of Wellbutrin (Not SR, though) for depression. I have been on this? for about a month, but in the last week have increased my dose from 200mg to 300mg as recommended by my doctor. I take one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one at night. I also take Propranolol to help with my generalized anxiety disorder. I have been on the Propranolol for less than a month and I'm currently taking 20mg of that twice a day. My doctor said I could increase the Propranolol to 40mg twice a day if needed. I have been skeptical to increase the dose of Propranolol to 80mg a day because I don't want to take more than needed and I don't want to feel too "drugged", if that makes sense. Since upping my dose of Wellbutrin to 300mg I have been feeling extremely anxious. I am constantly flushed, sweating, shaking, and nervous. I had a panic attack this week and that is very rare for me. I don't even notice the Propranolol helping with anxiety at this point. I'm wondering if the increase in anxiety could be due to the increase of my dose of Wellbutrin? And if it is, should I lower my dosage or ride it out until my body is more used to it?