I just started Welbutrin XL 150 mg sid 2 weeks ago. I am on it for PPD and PPA after an 2nd trimester miscarriage last month. I am a 29 year old female. We also just moved into a new home about 4 weeks ago. Anyways, I honestly was thinking my house was haunted. Until yesterday when I realized I have only had these symptoms since I started the Welbutrin. I am hearing things, mainly a little girl laughing and humming (both only happened once) but also heard my name called out once with no one else in the house. I hear very random things daily and they always sound very distant. Also having visual disturbances I guess, like seeing movement out of the corner of my eye, but like constantly. Also, I have started having really bad paranoia that is getting worse daily it seems. I feel like someone is constantly watching me, or even out in public when people look at me I feel like they are about to do something to me. Only other medicines I am on are a multivitamin and Vistaril 25 mg prn. I will be calling my doctor Monday, but I just wanted other people's input about this, maybe someone who has experience with this. Thank you.