I am a 34 year old female that has been taking Vyvanse for 2 months. I started on 20mg for one week then 40mg for two weeks now at 60mg 1-2x a day. The 60mg gives me intense focus for about 3 hours and then experience more side effects. I told the Psychiatrist that the 60mg worked but the duration is not nearly long enough. I work12hr shift 3x's a week and a current student 2x's a week. It just doesn't last long enough. Well 2 weeks ago he put me on 60mg and told me I can take a second one later in day. Well on my first dose it takes about 2hrs to get enough of it released in my system to study and be able to focus. (What I've noticed= 1hr after taking it Feels like I drank cup of coffee. Then 2hrs. My chest feels heavy like I have to take a deeper breath and can't stand the feeling of my bra in the center of my chest and eyes feel wide open and I don't want to look people in eye. 3rd hour feels like I'm at peak. 31/2-4hrs. I feel my neck is tight and get some mid to lower back aches. 41/2-5hrs. I have a terrible headache and more anxiety. I feel like my neck is so tight that it's very uncomfortable. The headache last about 5hrs with nothing helping relieve it. I can feel the Vyvanse in my system for up to about 6hrs after taking it but just enough to extend the bad effects. I start yawning at the 6hr. point too and feel very unmotivated and when I talk to people I feel like my thoughts and words get mixed up. If I take the second 60mg too close to the first one I experienced severe anxiety, don't want to talk to anyone, after few hours on 2nd dose I start having bad blurred vision. I usually have good vision. One time driving to school last week i felt like I was having tunnel vision which made my anxiety increase. I took 1st dose today at 5:20 am and 2nd dose at 4:45. I am experiencing blurred vision while trying to read on computer. I will keep blinking and close one eye to try and focus. Should I be concerned about these side effects and is there another med that I would probably benefit on more than Vyvanse? Doc told me that we might have to add booster to extend duration. Comments on this please!!