Over 2 years ago, I had a brain scan ( a somewhat cutting edge technology) that determined that I had ADHD, anxiety and depression. According to this test the drugs that were suggested to best treat my symptoms were Vyvanse, lexapro, neurontin and clonazapam. I NEVER considered myself, nor did close family members, as ADHD growing up. I am now 38. Anyway, I have not been the same person since taking the combinations of the above medications. I am extremely agitated, confused, loss of concentration, ALWAYS tired, angry and so on. I always thought of myself as a pretty happy person. I also have extremely bad PMDD (PMS) and was taking YAZ as well. After taking that for 2 years, In May of 2009, I developed a DVT (blood clot in deep vein in calf) which broke off and traveled into my lung (PE; pulmonary embolism). I had to get off of that immediately and ever since I am in desparate need of some answers. Is it the combination of medications? Or is it from not being on my birth control any more? Either way, I just have not been "myself" and I HATE being on all these prescription medicaitons!! Anyone else out there experiencing any of this? And if so, Any solutions?