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Tylenol with Codeine 3 - How does Tylenol 3 compare to narco?

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kaismama 18 Dec 2014

Its not as strong as Norco.

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balbanese 18 Dec 2014

They are 2 different things, each with Tylenol. Hard to compare depending on what you mean, some folks respond to one better than the other, some get stomach upset from one and not the other, the pills are different shapes and sizes too.

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DrDavidB 19 Dec 2014

Norco is a much better pain medication than Tylenol 3. Dentists used to prescribe Tylenol 3 for very short term pain relief. Norco is usually given in a 10 mg dose. Norco is the same drug a Vicodin. Each Norco is equivalent to taking 2 regular strength Vicodin's. It is a much better pain reliever, and won't give you a stomach ache like Tylenol 3.

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Jillys 14 Sep 2017

Vicodin & Norco r both hydrocodone if they give u 10mg with tyenol. They r same just different names made by different drug companies. free discount card

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