I have been on Trintellix for about 3 months now. Started out on 5mg and was take up to 10mg. When I started the 10mg I started to get nauseous but would never vomit. I would take it at night because of this side effect. It has helped with depression and anxiety.
Last week all of a sudden I got bloated and had very bad stomach pain and diarrhea. I had this for 4 days. I had no changes to any medications. I was not running a fever or vomiting.
My primary suggested that I go back down to the 5mg and see how I do. I took the 5mg for one night and the next day I started feeling better.
But last night I took the 10mg thinking that it would be all right. Well, this morning I have the same stomach pain and diarrhea.
My question is, can you get side effects after being on the medication for 3 months, just all of a sudden?