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Trazodone - Took 200mg within two hours and still wide awake. Can not sleep?

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chuck1957 7 Feb 2016

Tephis; Yes as what everyone else is saying Years ago when I started it for sleep it worked great and I still keep some around. But can't even remember the last time I have taken it seems as I needed more and more to sleep it just kept me awake. They seem to still prescribe it a lot just for the sleeping effect and it helps during the day with depression or light anxiety But forget it as a sleeping pill once we get used to it.

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Thor283 6 Feb 2016

I've taken it on and off over the years. It doesn't always help me sleep neither. One thing that does is Promethazine. It's an antihistamine similar to Benedryl but stronger. It makes me sleep but usually too long as in 12 hours. I also find tolerance develops quickly so I can't use it more than 3 nights in a row.

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wannabbetter 5 Feb 2016

I was on a low dose (don't remember exact mg) but it did not help me sleep. It was Rxed for me as a sleep aid and for depression. I only stayed on this med for a few days.

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hurstm86 5 Feb 2016

Perhaps try Calm over count drink. Helps me that and camellia tea. Also may want to check with other over counters or prescriptions you are taking with trazodone and talk to pharmacist. Another drug may be counter acting you trazodone making it useless to you.

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janiebme 5 Feb 2016

Hi Tephis-
I was on it at one time. It did not help me sleep. In some reviews I read that it helped others with sleep at a lower dose 25 mg to 50 mg. Not sure if dosage matters? Hope you find something that works for sleep :)

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LaurieShay 5 Feb 2016

Let the doctor know of your response to the medication. May want you to try a few more nights or change to something else. It didn't really help me either, but is very effective for others.

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AmytheSparrow 5 Feb 2016

I experienced the same "reverse" symptom from trazodone where it made me wide awake for hours after taking it. It acted like a stimulus for me, though it was prescribed as a sleep aid.

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