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Has anyone taken Trazadone for insomnia, and had it keep you wide awake the first 2 nights?

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csansun 16 June 2022

Many years ago I was given trazodone.
It seems to be the first (trial) medication they give you when the psychiatrists think you have DEPRESSION. After a while I refused to take it when It was prescribed to me in hospital.
It did not work for me.
I am now 76 years old and I do not take any psychiatric medication. I am retired back home in Jamaica. I know I have some PTSD and occasional disassociative problems but I will only go to psychologist now because they do not prescribe medication.

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shortstoppen702 6 Feb 2013

yes thats why they gave it to me. They just upped to 200mlg after only taking 100mlg and it was the first 3 days that i took it at the hospital iwas up like wide awake it looked i was on something. But sleep like a baby now.

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RESPIGHI 3 July 2011

i took a large dose of trazadone for 4 years to help me with sleep. It was no sleeping aid whatsoever. I thought it was a total joke as far as something to help you sleep. I finally switched to seroquil and I sure sleep now.

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Inactive 1 July 2011

Hi radgirl79,
I take trazodone too for sleep. What other meds are you taking and what dosage of trazodone? I started out on 50 mg, and it worked ok but I didn't sleep for too long. my doctor put me on 100 mg and that knocks me out, and I actually manage to get some sleep for the first time in my life. Because of my GAD and depression, I'm an insomniac so between the citalopram and trazodone i'm ok. Without it I wouldn't get any sleep at all. Plus you're just starting on this med so it'll take time for your body to adjust to it. I've been on it for the past 6 months, if you have any questions I'll be happy to help you as much as I can.

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Inactive 2 July 2011

Hi there strmcliffae46. Bit late, but thats my trademark. ha! :-0) I read your answer yesterday, and meant to post, but got to doing things so on and so forth. Just wanted to say, howdy, fellow insomniac! Good company. The only thing that is ... how to put it, oh, the only good result from lack of sleep, in my case, is being anxious, and when not sleeping, I tire out, and this helps to slow me down, my nerves. best wishes to you.

Inactive 1 July 2011

Hello radgirl79. I was on (Deysrel) Tradazone some years ago. Not certain what your dosage might be. Guessing perhaps 100 -150 or 200mg. No, I've not had that reaction. Are you taking any other medication? Tradazone has been around for a very long time. Its none addictive and is still very popular as far as prescribing it as a pill to help you sleep. Its not as effective as an antidepressant. I stopped taking it because my body built up an immunity to it. I am also an insomniac. I now take remeron-mirtazapine, 135mg at night to help me with my sleep. Prior to this, I was on seroquel for a number of years, also, more to help me sleep than to act as a mood stabilizer. I prefer to stay away from the benzodiazepines, for they can be and are very habit forming. Hopefully, one of the others in our site might beable to give you the answer, if there is one :-0) to your question. best wishes to you.

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Inactive 1 July 2011

I'd like to add this radgirl79, my error for not reading up on Tradazone. There is a warning that is mentioned that if you have "sleep problems" while taking Tradazone to notify your dr/seek help, for its a serious side effect. On the top of this page is a search engine, you could enter the word Tradazone, and it will bring you to this particular drug, its interactions, feeback from users, people who are or were taking it. my excuses to you.

radgirl79 1 July 2011

Thank you for your feedback!

Inactive 1 July 2011

I agree with pledge, I just reviewed the side effects for trazodone. It mmight take time for you to adjust but if your still having trouble sleeping, go to your doctor and tell them what's going on. let me know what happens and take care.
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